Monday, May 11, 2009

Toronto Canada to Buffalo New York

Woke up relatively early in the Chicago area today. The clouds looked very interesting to me, though I guess I must have a thing for clouds so it's not unusual.


I don't remember if I took this in Detroit or Port Huron.


I finally made it to Toronto, and then I couldn't find where the downtown was. It's not right off the highway, and I couldn't see any signs. I drove past the entire city before realizing I had missed it. I turned around and luckily found some signs pointing to the downtown. The same thing happened to me trying to find my way out of the city. I got lost for at least an hour until I asked the third person how to get to QEW. I had been asking people where Queen Elizabeth Highway was. I guess nobody calls it by the proper name, woops!

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After finding my way out, I headed to Buffalo and had a night tour with a friend. Here's a picture I took while we were driving around town.


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