Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Niagara Falls Part II

Here is the last post from my road trip around the country so I'll be back to my regularly scheduled Maine photography soon hehe.

I went back to Niagara to see it in the day and also from the Canadian side this time.

Here's a picture while still in the US, as well as one crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.

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It took us at least an hour to get through customs, and they thought I was a criminal. I was called up 3 times until finally they asked for my social security number (???) and then realized they were looking at someone else with my name. They even asked if I worked for a roofing company, AND asked where I was on April 22nd, 2009, or something like this. I gave them my passport and drivers think they'd have SOME clue who I was. So yeah, I was a little upset with the border crossing this time. Those employees should be ashamed of themselves for wasting vacationers precious time. Took an hour to get in and I had a dinner date with my aunt, so I had only an hour (rushed one too) to spend while actually there. We rushed around and took pictures. It was nice, but nothing really grabbed me.

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Nothing grabbed me until THIS, that is.


This put me in a better mood. The rainbow only lasted a few moments so I had to rush to even get this shot. Feeling lucky, we continued towards the Horseshoe Falls section, where I was astounded once again. The water falling into a void, or so it seemed, created a vortex that drew me in.


Pictures of course do not do it justice, so I'll attempt to see if I have good enough video footage of it to post soon.

And then my senses were awakened yet again when one of the friends I was with let me try on his Eagle Eyes. These sunglasses..seriously...I felt like I was in another dimension.


And then we headed back to "the other side".

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I must say that it does suck to have such a horrible border crossing adventure. Not only does it bring you down and steal your time, but it also almost leaves a negative feeling about the country you've visited. I was happy to return to the United States where I could be myself and feel safe. Way to make me feel at home Canada. On another note, I'm sure that Canadians coming into the United States get it just as bad. Why can't we be friends again? hehe


Rob S. said...

Wow, sorry you had to deal with such morons at the border. What a pain.

I never saw the falls from the NY side, only the Canadian side. I really enjoyed it a lot, because I went up to this wonderful arboretum not far from the escarpment, and it had this amazing butterfly bio-dome in the middle. And not far from there, on the lakeshore there's the pretty little town and agricultural area of Niagra-On-The-Lake. There's all kinds of fruit farms and vineyards and not a few wineries. If you get back there someday, it's definitely a photo-op.

Stephanie Taylor said...

Sounds beautiful, I'll have to go back and explore it. Luckily I have some family in friends in the area. :)