Tuesday, May 29, 2007

35 Mayo Street Fire

I was about to go out to the park to take pictures of flowers with a friend, when he suddenly started talking about something big going on. Seems there was a fire right near where he was.. I drove over as he continued to tell me about the fire. He watched as people jumped out of a window to safety. Here are some pictures that I took, while they were trying to contain the fire.

The park wasn't as impressive as I thought it'd be..I wanted to take pictures of flowers, but there were only one kind to photograph and the light was going down. Another time.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Camera!!

I'm so happy! I just ordered my new camera a few days ago, and it just arrived this morning! I still have to wait on the lens, but that should come next week. I bought the Canon EOS Rebel XTi. It's going to be a great entry level SLR for me. I love the fact that I can buy lenses which I'll be able to switch to a newer camera when I upgrade in the future. I won't think about upgrading for a few years though. I think this one will do just fine! It fits so well in my hands too.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's too bad

I went out a few times and took pictures with my broken camera, just to decide I wasn't really happy with not knowing what setting it's on ever. Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year, so I feel bad that my camera just happened to break a month or so before it started.

In good news..I've looked over my budget ,and it looks like I'll be able to afford a new camera by the end of this month. I'll be buying my first digital SLR, which really excites me!

When one door closes, another one opens right? I won't miss too much of the spring, and I'll have a new toy to play with soon. :)