Sunday, June 18, 2006

Spring Point

My mom came to Portland, and we drove to Spring Point to take some pictures.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saco - Various

I went to Saco today with someone who grew up there. We went to some trails, and to Laurel Hill Cemetery, and then Jubilee Park.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Portland and Yarmouth - Various

I went to see my brother play today, and give him birthday cards. I decided to take some pictures around the area he was playing.

It was BEAUTIFUL out today!!!! Was expecting rain, like every other day this year so far. I WAS SHOCKED! Oh so happy.. I went for a drive. I didn't have a destination, just a few thoughts of where I could go. I ended up driving down route 88 (was actually going to head to Falmouth, but was in a turning only lane and decided to just follow where it took me). I saw a cemetery, so had to stop. It was really quite boring though. Everything about it was perfect. Not much character whatsoever. Took pictures anyway, then had some weird problem with my car, it went away though (THANK GOD), because I really wouldn't want to be stranded in a cemetery. That's what horror movies are made of right there. This place was called Pine Grove Cemetery (Rte 88 & Waites Landing Rd) I think in Falmouth.

I decided to keep on going down 88, toward Yarmouth I believe? Yeah, I don't know that area at all. Ended up driving very far, and decided to take a right and see where it brought me (right next to a cemetery I took a right haha). Honestly, I was hoping there would be an entrance to this one, because it looked more interesting, but anyway.. I kept driving, because there wasn't, and I find signs "Sunset Point" that way, and "Cousin's Island" that way. I go to Cousin's Island, at the same moment thinking that Sunset Point sounds better, but I go anyway. End up stopping by Cousin's Island beach, and taking some pictures. It's a really nice little beach actually! A lot of fishing going on there.

I continue to explore the island. I don't explore much though, the two directions I try end up being dead-ends. One goes to some weird plant that requires security access. The other is private and for residents only. Spooky little island!

I leave there, and try to find what this "Sunset Point" is. I can't find it, so I leave. That's pretty much my journey, and I head home.

Monday, June 5, 2006

Yet another website update..

I decided to say screw it to the part of the journal I was stuck on, then moved forward. Now I've come across the post that says "oh I took pictures back in July, here they are" I guess I never originally posted them when I took them. That solves THAT problem. At least I'm almost to the year 2005 now. My project will soon be complete!! Well..part one of it anyway. I then have to work on 2006 which will be part of my "current" journal. And I have to put up my portraits page.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Another website update

Working on the webpage again. Trying to get this archive done. Now that I've started, I have to finish it, that's just the way I am. Week one is over and I'm still in 2004. I tried to archive all of my old journal before switching to my newer one, but I think I missed some pages during the process. I know I missed a whole month at least.

I also didn't do that well at journaling while I was living in Everett, MA. I do remember posting my Malden night pics, but I don't know when. I also took pictures of Everett, MA and I don't know when.