Friday, September 29, 2006

Northampton, MA, the "Big E" and Gilsland Farm

This picture was taken September 27th after a Thomas Dolby show in Northampton, MA. I was told I couldn't bring a camera inside, so I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the show. I did get to meet Dolby though, which was wonderful.

This picture was taken September 28th at the "Big E" fair in West Springfield, MA. I'm not that much into fairs anymore, so I didn't find it very exciting, and didn't see anything I really wanted to take pictures of. There weren't any events going on while we visited either. Perhaps going on the weekend would've been better.

After driving back to Portland later that day, I decided to bring my mother to Gilsland Farm in Falmouth, ME. We arrived while there was still some sunlight.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Vacation to California - Bay Area

I haven't had time to update since my vacation over Labor Day weekend. These pictures were taken over a series of days on my vacation to San Jose, and the Bay Area in California.

These pictures were taken on the first day of my trip, which was August 31st. I decided to check out the neighborhood where I once lived in San Jose and I took a few pictures of my old apartment and other neighborhood memories. These are just a few shots of the area that I really liked.

These pictures were taken September 1st at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery.

These were taken September 3rd in multiple places. We drove down to Santa Cruz, and finding it was way too busy, we decided to just continue our drive up highway 1 toward Half Moon Bay. We stopped at a really nice beach along the way. I was hoping it was one I had once visited that had a nice view to the ocean through a sort of cave. It wasn't that beach, but this beach had another smaller cave which you could see the beach through. The first four pictures are along Highway 1 just north of Santa Cruz. The other two were later that night in Colma at the Woodlawn Cemetery (the final resting place of Emperor Norton).

This last picture was taken on the last full day in California during my vacation. We went into downtown San Jose for food, and found that Tapestry in Talent was going on. We checked out the booths and got some food there, nothing else was open since it was Labor Day. This was taken of a fountain in town that I thought looked nice.