Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I don't usually update just to update, but I figured since it's been awhile, I would.

Truth: I haven't been so much into photography lately. Amazingly enough, after the purchase of my new camera, and the fact that my old camera broke, I lost a lot of desire to take pictures. I miss my old camera still, and haven't had time to put into learning the new camera. I know that most of my problems would be solved if I bought a better lens, one zooms in too much for close-up shots, and is a fixed lens, the other zooms in even further and is only used as a zoom lens. I need to get one with a normal range to practice with!

Of course finances are shaky, and I'm spending money on things for biking and my upcoming trips to Atlanta, GA, Canada, and Germany to be taken respectively this year (May, August, September). I guess I just have a lot planned/on my plate, including bicycle training (bringing it to Germany with me) and learning German.

What is the meaning of life though? I like to enjoy it as it comes, and that's just the way it is right now. Not much time for photography at the moment. I love photography though, and will be taking plenty of pictures on my vacations. A time and a place for everything then! I'm sure I'll be back soon for another update with actual pictures. :)

Oh..may as well add, I'm a published photographer now. I submitted some pictures to a magazine last summer and a photo was accepted and published in the end of the year issue. I will have to compile more pictures to send around to other magazines soon. :)