Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Camera!!

I'm so happy! I just ordered my new camera a few days ago, and it just arrived this morning! I still have to wait on the lens, but that should come next week. I bought the Canon EOS Rebel XTi. It's going to be a great entry level SLR for me. I love the fact that I can buy lenses which I'll be able to switch to a newer camera when I upgrade in the future. I won't think about upgrading for a few years though. I think this one will do just fine! It fits so well in my hands too.


Jim Degerstrom said...

Stephanie, I checked out the Rebel while window shopping yesterday. An updated opinion or review after you've spent some time with your new camera would be interesting. I am suspicious of some online reviews, and saw a few that were too well written like copied out of the user manual.

Stephanie Taylor said...

Sure, I'll write a review in a month or two after I've spent a bit more time with it! I may be partial though since my old camera was a Canon as well. A lot of the features are the same, which has made it incredibly easy for me to pick up. Then of course there are added features. Example: I really love the ISO button being so easy to get to/change. I also like how small it is, and how well it fits in my hands.
I'd really like another lens to play around with too though before saying much more!

Satin said...

Interesting to know.