Monday, September 3, 2007

Day 9: Seward Part 2 of 2

Cruise Scenery: As it implies, these are some scenic shots I took. Even though it was chilly and gloomy, I still enjoyed being out there on the ocean.

Harbor Seals: There they are. See them?

Puffins: I fell in love with a puffin once..more to follow haha

The Aialik Glacier: Like any glacier, it was amazing. Too bad about the weather, but perhaps the fog created a more dramatic effect. This is common weather for the area I believe..can't have sun all of the time!

No major calving going on while we were there, only a few little tumbles, such as the one below.

A sea otter, who seemed happy to swim around in the chilly glacial water.

A few pictures of Sea Otters not near the glaciers.

As we headed back out through the Aialik Bay, the rain started. It was off and on, and didn't last long, but the skies were pretty gloomy all day anyway. It was the first day of rain, or a threat of rain, but it wasn't too bad since there was an inside seating area and it didn't last long. I was starting to get tired with the weather, and sitting there on the boat doing nothing and seeing nothing really.

A few people spotted some bald eagles, and the energy started to pick up again. The rain had stopped again, so I went back out on the deck. We passed by Bear Glacier, and they talked about that for a moment. There were pretty big iceburgs in front of it, it would have been nice to go hiking over there and see that up close! Just gives me things to look forward to if I do come back..I'd like to.

Still pretty in gloomy weather.

And as we were heading back for the Resurrection Bay, to end the tour, we were told on the radio Orca's had been spotted by another cruise. Everyone was excited to see them, and people went out to the front deck and top decks. They seemed to like the other boats more than ours, and we kept moving to try to get closer, but they moved away from us. We probably would've had a better shot sitting still. I still got a few good pictures of them, and was happy to have seen them.

Strenth in numbers

It's coming right for us!

Orca's coming out of and going back into the water, in slow motion, depending on your clicking style..haha

Two more

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