Saturday, August 9, 2003

Start of Photography Group

Well I started my own yahoo group

Yay for

I'm glad that I went out and took some picture today. It was really nice, went with a good friend.

I'm so excited about these photo adventures, and excited about my trip to Oregon. Today I had to bring the friend I was with to work, so I could only shoot for 30 minutes or so. I really would've liked another 2 hours out there, because it was pretty nice. I can't wait until I go with other photographers though. Then I'll be able to get some helpful advice, and hopefully give some as well eventually.

Took a picture of a lizard, but it didn't come out very well because it was moving so quickly.

Also tried out the "photo stitch" feature, which works a lot like a wide angle lense. It seems to have worked alright, but I don't think I like the feature enough to use it often. Here's what it looks like:

As I was walking by a tree my friend pointed out this tree with it's roots going down to the water. I snapped a shot and it came out well because of the lighting in the water..

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