Friday, August 8, 2003

Finally following a dream

I've decided to try to get groups of people together for my special photography field trips. I think I'll take some alone, I might still go out for an hour or two tonight. I just want to go on hikes, go strange places. I want to have people come along so I don't get lost and get scared. When I get lost and I'm alone, my first reaction is ..oh **** oh **** oh ****. Then I'm like..ahh it's not so bad. If I don't have anywhere to go, don't have to be anywhere soon, I just relax and take it easy and enjoy my time away from the world. But now I want to share these moments, or at least TRY to share these moments with others. I'm so excited...I want to smell the fresh air and see the beauty of the land. So the adventure starts here. California is an interesting place to adventure. Then Oregon, then california again..then ... I'm thinking Colorado, only because I've seen pictures and it looks beautiful there. Arizona & Utah too. I hear about interesting places there (oasis like caverns), but I never see pictures. I wish I could just travel around for a living , and not worry about anything but which picture I'm going to take next. Simple life..that's all I want. (Who doesn't want that?) I have to work for the lawyer in an hour. Then only one more week for her. Then on my way to Oregon. Yay. A place similiar to where I'm from I hear.

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