Thursday, August 21, 2003

Oregon Continued

I had a great time in Oregon. It was nice to go out in the wilderness and take pictures. I found that what I most enjoyed, was taking pictures of the chipmunks that we kept running into at Crater Lake.

I guess I'm more of an animal photographer than a landscape one.. but this is ok. I will continue to do both. Hopefully one of these days I can get over to Africa and take some nice pictures of lots of different animals. I'm still sorting through all of the pictures. Here are some below:

Transferred all of the flash card pictures over. Sorted through them, saved the ones I wanted, deleted the others..there were a lot that I saved. Started editing some of the pics, but then realized it would take too long, so I decided to just save em and edit them later. I was interrupted a few times, but now at 10:41 I've finally got the start of the website done. The pictures are all minimized because I want to show the page to modem users and I don't want it to take forever. Was thinking about putting a link to it in my photo group. Not much up yet, but will probably work on it a bit more before I go to sleep. The pictures I took at crater lake and Newport are immense. It'll take me awhile to sift through them and selectively choose which ones to put up on the site. Ah well..maybe I'll just sift through it quickly.

I have to network the laptop soon and transfer those pictures over to this computer too. It was really nice having the laptop.. I love being prepared. The only thing that I'm missing really, is the lens filter kits. When I can save up enough money to feel comfortable buying those, I will. I have to go back to work next tuesday, so I have plenty of time to go on a few more little trips around the bay area and take pictures. It's great to have a hobby, and one that I've been meaning to incorporate into my life for such a long time.

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