Sunday, August 17, 2003

Gregario Beach

Decided to go out with a few friends to take pictures today. We didn't leave until 3 pm, but we finally went out, and we got lost a little. I ended up taking tons of bad pictures. The weather was horrible and we had no real destination. It wasn't well planned, but we still had fun for the most part. I wasted half a tank of gas just driving from place to place. Went to umm.. some place with "springs" in the name heh. Only took a couple of pictures there. Then went to one of the people I was with's "childhood stream". There were signs saying no trespassing and it didn't look that fun anyway so I just took a few pictures there and we left.

Now we were suppose to go to some national forest, but we didn't know how to get there. We did ask some gas station guy, and we take his directions and end back up at the freeway. I did a big loop and ended up back where I started. So we went back to the gas station and someone I was with went and looked at a map. Then I went the way he told me to.

We ended up driving back to the freeway and down two exits. Then we continued down a road which was suppose to take us to the entrance. I don't remember what it was called, but he said it would be big and we couldn't miss it. We ended up not knowing where we were, and going up this huge mountain. We finally saw civilization so I stopped and was like "hey ask those bikers where it is", so he did. Then they gave us some really confusing directions, but the place they were describing sounded so good, and the guy that got the directions seemed confident enough, so we drove off again.

Ended up driving, down some highway, 84 maybe? I don't remember, but it was going back around the other side of the hill it seemed. Finally, after a wrong turn, we get to a beach (Gregario Beach). We decide to stop looking for this forest, and we just go to the beach. It was pretty nice, except for the weather.

I guess some days just aren't good picture taking days.
This one is strange. This little boy was using kelp as a whip. (I like the sign placement)

It was not that clean of a beach and the sky looks dark. Someone was getting married here nonetheless.

Windy day at the beach.

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