Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Storms can be fun

Everyone wants me to go outside now. Apparently they want some footage of the lightning going on outside..think I'm gonna be headed to the parking garage heh.

Well that was fun, we went out for almost 2 hours. Tried to get some good pictures of lightning, but not many pictures came out. I took some video which I haven't looked at yet though. Maybe there's something salvageable there too. There is one really strange picture..

I mirrored the image because I couldn't move the camera at all for the shot. It's so unpredictable when the lightning is going to appear, and where. I just had to guess and set the shutter speed at 10-15 second intervals. I missed out on a lot of good pictures, but it's alright. Even though that picture is mirrored because I wanted to make it more complete, it was totally worth my going out. It's kinda scary, to me it looks like a duck with goggles haha and a shirt with a stripe on it. Went up to the hospital parking garage for these.

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