Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Trip to Oregon

Getting out of the bay area sucks. I hit at least 3 traffic jams which lasted for miles and miles each, got off at the wrong exit, but found my way rather quickly, and finally found my way after at least 150 miles, to highway 5. When I got onto highway 5, it was a straight road surrounded by farm land. All flat and dry and brown and yellow and hot..very hot..I was melting to my seat hot. I don't have air conditioning so I had to have my window down. Bad idea in dry land I soon found, my eyes started stinging eventually, and every time I stuck my hand out the window (as I often do) my hand was just blasted with hot air, then when I brought it back in, it was all dry and dirty. I hate desert like areas...

So as 100's of miles passed, I finally got to a city called "Weed". From there on, things were looking pretty green and mountainous. It was nice, and it started to cool down. I drove by Mt. Shasta around sunset and took some pictures going around 90 miles an hour. Must've been adrenaline or something, but I soon realized I was going that fast and slowed down.

Was happy to see the Oregon sign..only a couple more hundred miles to go heh. Stopped for gas, the attendant was nice (they WILL NOT let you pump your own gas in Oregon), he even went inside to ask some guy how long it was going to take me to get to my destination. Then I went to Burger King as it was right behind the gas station, but I forgot that I didn't have any money on me. The manager was very nice, and let me pay by check. He said he was from Santa Rosa.

Got back on the road, listened to the radio, which was constantly going out on me so I was channel surfing most of the time. As I'm getting close to Eugene, I start getting followed by some car. It goes on for miles and miles... Finally I "get away", and then as I'm driving, I see a car coming up behind me. Then beside me. Then the car drops behind me and I see the lights..damnit... So he stops me, and I make small talk (I mentioned I didn't realize he was a cop and thought I was just being followed, that's why I kept speeding up). He ends up giving me a warning ..yay. So at least an hour later I get to my destination. It's only a bit after midnight so I wasn't too late. Talked a little to my friend who was hosting my stay, then went to sleep.

Next day.. had a lovely day in Newport. Took tons of pictures. Also will be going to Crater Lake tomorrow so that should be cool. Here are some of those pictures:

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