Saturday, March 24, 2007

Willard Beach

I was getting ready to go out, and was about to charge my battery, when I somehow managed to drop my camera. It is now broken, but still functional. Unfortunately the display is completely broken, and that is the only way I can use many features, and even see what setting my camera is on. The dial to tell which setting it's on is so old that the actual indicators have been rubbed off.. So..I went out to test the camera to see if it was still working. Here is the only photo I took at Willard Beach in South Portland, that I thought was worth sharing! Unfortunately I'll have a hard time with the macro function, which I love. I can't afford my new camera yet, but I'm hoping I'll have enough saved by June! Don't want to miss out on the summer..and I'm going to Alaska in late August-September, so I absolutely need a camera for that!

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