Friday, March 30, 2007

Falmouth Nature Preserve

These were taken at Falmouth Nature Preserve in Falmouth, ME. It was a hard place to find, luckily I had a friend along to direct me. It ended up being this VERY tiny dirt road which I never would've seen. The preserve would most likely look better in the summer, so I'll have to return to check it out. The water was muddy, and looked more like a sewer.. the colors were, bleh. It's the time of year though mostly. It's a great time to work on figuring out my camera now that it's broken though! I failed in knowing what setting it was on the whole time I was out, and somehow it magically changed to an even worse setting. I found out only after returning home and looking at what I had taken. Lesson time before I go out, I'll check to make sure it's on the right setting.

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