Saturday, September 13, 2003

San Francisco Zoo

Lovely day at the zoo. Was a bit hot at moments, but ten times better than San Jose. I guess going to San Francisco on really hot days is a good idea.

So my photo friend was nice. We spent from 10am to 4pm checking the whole zoo out. I took over 100 pictures. It's going to take me forever to go through them all, but it'll be fun. While we were taking pictures, these people were interviewing this lady. All I got from it was they were interviewing her because she was into digital photography.

Later on we were taking pictures of...rhino's maybe? They walked over to my photo friend and asked him if it's digital, he says yes. They ask if we're together, and if I shoot digital too, I say yes. So they ask if they can interview us. We decide to, they ask us a lot of questions, and I get into talking about my "photo adventures" group, which they perked up when I mentioned. Then after they were initially wanting to talk to him because his camera looked more impressive (yes this is why), the interviewer seemed more interested in me, my S50, and my idea. Well, it made me feel like I was doing something, and getting somewhere. And the interview went really well. They gave us $10 each for the interview.

After the interview we went on to take many more pictures...yes...much editing and posting I must do. What a time consuming project this will be. I hope the pictures came out as good as I think they did. I used a tripod for all of them, except the first few.
Photo adventure 2...a success...

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