Friday, September 19, 2003

Lafayette Street San Jose, CA

I feel slightly disappointed, but not too much .. knowing that the area I was going to shoot tonight, will still be there tomorrow.

After work today, I had decided I wanted to go to this "industrial" part of town. So I called a friend, not wanting to go alone. I bring us to the part of town that was talked about from one of my co-workers a day or so ago. As I'm driving through it, I can't wait to get out and take pictures. We pass a few street people, and my friend says "don't stop there". So I finally find a place to park, get out of the car, and get my tripod. I'm about to set off, and she's like "Uhhh...I don't feel comfortable here." I had specifically told her I had wanted a guy along for this very reason. And I also had asked her numerous times while we were driving through and she was making comments about it being a "bad part" of town. Oh well..

So that idea was scrapped. Then I didn't remember the other place I wanted to go, but I remembered it being a better neighborhood, so we went back to my place, got directions, then headed back out. This place was very easy to find, and was really nice.

I didn't get to take many pictures, due to fences and the fact that people were working. I just took some shots, then we left.
Here are some pictures:

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