Wednesday, September 17, 2003

And yet another update...

I have been emailing Canon's tech support for a week now, asking about different things. The last email they sent, told me that my camera didn't have any add on lenses or anything like that. But when I check ebay, it's a different story. In fact, the lenses I've been meaning to get (they were going to be a total over $200 not including shipping), are now all together as a package, and so far under $100! I'm going to have to buy the lens kit if It's under $100. I'm watching the auction anyway, it's got 15 hours left. I hope it stays under $100.

I was thinking about going to an "industrial" zone on the way home from work, but I didn't want to be there alone in the dark so I didn't stop... but one of these nights! Industrial zones and lens filters..

I've been looking at an "x drive" so I don't have to use my laptop to transfer pictures when I run out of space. It'll be cost effective for me to buy it (it's a little under $100), rather than buying a whole lot of flash memory cards. I have deleted pictures on occasion (most likely really bad shots anyway), and don't like having to do that.

I have so much to learn, but it's good that I started my photography group, and that I'm a somewhat active photographer. The more I go out, the more I'll learn.

I really wanna take some "industrial" pictures. For some reason, every time I drive by industrial factory type places, or places that seem to be falling apart, I don't want to peel my eyes away. I wonder what this mysterious attraction is about. I HATE pollution..I guess it's the architecture that I like. I need to find someone with patience to go with me to these types of places. I have a few places in mind already, down Lafayette there's a place. Someone at work told me there was a place that was cool right between my home and work. Technically before I go to work I could drive through that area and take pictures.

The thing that bothers me about taking pictures, is that I can't do it during sunset unless it's Friday or Saturday because I work all other nights. For some reason I haven't pushed myself to go to any areas to wait for sunsets and such.

Also, I'm slightly upset that the camera I bought can't do a lot of things that I want it to do. The lenses I can buy for it are limited. I can only use specific lenses that can be used with an adapter which attaches to the tripod. And of course there is no cable release attachment.

I guess it's alright because I'm still a beginner. I can learn on the S50. It's a very good advanced camera. I can move up to an SLR when I'm ready, then I can get all of the lenses and goodies, and spend far more than I should probably. Hah..

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