Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Tufts Pond, Oosoola Park and old warehouse

On the way to the camp.

Tuesday was a pretty relaxing day. Went down by the water. It was very quiet and nice out. I could tell the sun was going to come out at least for awhile.

I went back in and everyone asked me how it was out there. I told them it was nice, and they said they were all cold. I decided to go back out because a flower was calling me.

I guess another flower must've called me, because I started walking around the property for something else to take a picture of. I started walking down the road a little, and suddenly my mom's dog thought we were going for a walk. I decided, why not, and followed him down the dirt road. Didn't walk too far, and I saw a few flowers that were purple and pretty.

The boy from the other camp found a frog, so I rushed down to see and get a picture of it.

Today after packing up, I headed to my sister's to help her with a project she was working on. I was supposed to go home from her house, but then I decided last minute, that it was a beautiful day, and I wanted to take pictures of this place I'd passed on the way back home from camp. My mom didn't want to stop, but I knew that it might not be there when I went back to visit, so I would drive back to see it.

I was near the Native American statue that's been standing in Skowhegan for many years. At one point I thought it as gone, and so I decided to take a picture of it in case it did one day disappear.

The same thing happened as I was driving from Skowhegan to Norridgewalk. There was a park that I remembered being taken to as a child. It was called Oosoola Park, and I remembered a fun snail, and other old playground equipment. I had often wondered about it..wondered if it had changed, if anyone used it anymore. Often I just wanted to stop to see it again, and never did. This time I decided I would stop. Why wonder about something when it's right there to be discovered? I was amazed to find it almost completely unchanged!

Finally I decided to go back to the original photo spot. As I was taking pictures of this interesting structure, a woman came up to me and asked me what I was doing there. I said I was taking pictures (which was obvious). She asked why. I said for my portfolio. She said, "well alright" and let me take more pictures. I tried to hurry after that though, because I didn't feel right about being there.

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