Saturday, May 27, 2006

Website update

I've already fixed most of my photography page, but I have a little more work to do on that. I've FINALLY added an about me section. Then I've added a journal section. That's what I'll be working on today actually. I'm going to write about all of my photo experiences so far this year and maybe include a little picture that can "pop up" with a mouse-over command if someone wants to see a bigger version. I want the journal to be all on one page, but I know it'll eventually get pretty big, so I might just "archive" some of the older journal entries. I'm pretty fortunate to have a massive load of journals from years ago, so I can go into specifics even about when I first started out in photography!

The whole idea of having a one stop place for all of my photography makes me happy. If others can gain from it, that's cool too, but really the archiving is just for me. I've always been a pretty organized person, and the fact that my photography is so organized (for the most part) allows me to feel comfortable going out and taking more pictures. I do feel backed up right now, simply because I need to work on the "portraits" section as well. Unfortunately one of the people that said it was ok to use them on my page, has now backed out saying he only wants pictures where you can't see his face. I took a few pictures of him that were from behind and all this other stuff. I'll share pretty soon because I think they are swell. Unfortunate that for some odd reason they came out a little blurry though. The weather wasn't working with me that day.

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