Saturday, January 7, 2006

Photography almost for sale..

This post is to say, FINALLY.. I'm in the final stage of getting my photography ready for sale. For years I've been wanting to sell my work. For months I've worked on accomplishing it (building website, figuring out how to sell, templates, ordering "practice" prints..etc).
A few days after New Years, the idea hit me. How to "knock out two scorpions with one stone" haha.

The problems I kept running into were:
1. Cropping, print sizing, all whacked.
2. How would I sign my work? Have a company mail me prints to sign, go to a Kinko's and sign and mail..whatnot.

First problem I fixed by ordering Paint Shop Pro 9, and by using a program called JPEGCrops. With these two, and a little help from a web-based ratio calculator, I figured out what sizes my photo's needed to be, to print at my desired size. In doing this, I also decided, I could use my signature from work (just a little jpeg file) and the text feature in PSP, to put in the extended canvas size.. What this means, is I cut out a whole process entirely. When one orders a print, all I have to do, is accept their payment, and pay for the print, and have it directly mailed to the person ordering it.

LIKE WOAH! I guess my brain did come back to life after the holidays..
I've ordered 3 prints with my newly added "features". I have to test how they come out before I sell them, but when I get those back, I may just be ready to have a "prints for sale" page.

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