Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Cross Country Voyage

I have made it to the east coast finally. I actually left Friday at 5pm (had more to do before I left than originally planned). I arrived yesterday in the Boston area around 5 pm. That means technically I only took 3 days! Record time for me, and first time traveling alone.

Traveling across this very big country does a lot to a person. There were MANY times I wished to just be done with it, but there were also many times where I felt great for just doing what I was doing, and seeing what I was seeing! Most of these pictures were taken through my car windshield, or from my car, so they're not the best quality.

This is the last picture I took in California. I decided I had to see Yosemite before I left, so I drove through it on the way east. I was able to see most of it, as well as watch the sunset. I didn't realize how huge Yosemite was, and would love to go back one day.

I believe these were all taken in Utah, one of my favorite states on my trip.

I'm unsure of the exact locations for these next few.

It was raining through a good portion of the mid-eastern states. Here are pictures of the now entering sign to Ohio, and the St Louis Gateway Arch.

These two are entering and driving through Maine.

My last trip I took 80 across, this trip I took 70. A lot of this country is beautiful, but also some of it is just BORING. Flat land with NOTHING...

My favorite place was the middle of Colorado. Costs a lot in gas due to it being so hilly, but the little villages in the middle of those valleys..it's so beautiful! I could imagine myself retiring in a place like that.

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